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Aspire Physio UK is proud to located within the fantastic facilities offered by 2B-Fit. 2B-Fit is a gym  based in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham. 2B-Fit are here to give you the tools & knowledge in order for you to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. They have worked with and helped a huge number of people to achieve long term, sustainable results, improved fitness levels, shed body fat and improve their health & happiness dramatically.

2B-Fit are looking to change the industry by bringing it back to its roots and eliminating the fads that have seemingly changed and diluted fitness these days. They take a holistic & honest approach to each individual that comes through the door and prioritises their health & ability. If you wish to change your perceptions, transform your psychology, and make some positive steps in towards changing your body, then we truly believe that 2B-Fit will be perfect for you. 

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